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Does Netonomy.NET accept contributions?

Netonomy.NET is a resource hub for online retail professionals. It is designed to work as a community, a place where valuable data and feedback is welcome.

So if you feel you have something valuable to add to the community please forward your post and receive credit for it. We will provide readers with your credentials and links to your profile / blog / company page.

What are we looking for in contributed posts?

We are looking for valuable insights and engaging posts. Netonomy.NET is fully focused on online retail and information useful for online retailers. So you should send us your contribution if it fits one of the following categories:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing for Online Retail
  • Multichannel Retail
  • Supply Chain Management & Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management for Online Retail
  • Anything related to Innovation for Online Retail

Provide original content

We focus on providing our readers with original ideas and fresh insights. Make sure the post you submit is:

  • original – make sure you provide original content, written by you.
  • intended for our audience – we are not looking for posts on Cats, Relationship advice or Politics (unless it somehow connects to online retail).
  • 400 – 700 words long – try to make your post short enough to be engaging but long enough to be worth reading.
  • an expert opinion – please make sure you have an advanced understanding of the subject you will be submitting. Although there are a lot of places on the Internet where one could post amateur opinions, we try to provide our readers with expert advice.

I am an online retail startup – may I contribute?

Sure. We are really interested in Innovation in Online Retail. But please – make sure your post is not advertising. We need insights you can provide our readers with, insights you have acquired running or building your startup.

Where do I send my post?

We will be expecting your submissions at:

netonomy [at]

Please include:

  • your name
  • your credentials
  • your post (a .doc document would do great)
  • details on why you think your post is fit for publishing

We will, maybe, need to alter a thing or two about your post, without changing too much (things like title or illustrations).


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