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When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.

probably not Frederic Bastiat

Mihai Mike DraganI’m Mihai Mike Dragan and I build digital products. I focus on digital commerce and fintech and I love the concept of internet economy. Hence the name Net-economy –> Netonomy.

I have a degree in Economics, one in Computer Science, an MA in Data Management and right now I’m studying … Bioinformatics. Why? Because biology is freaking awesome.

These days I take a keen interest in Live Stream Shopping, probably the biggest disruptor in commerce in the past hundred of years. That’s why I work on building Streams.live during the day and fight crime at night.

If you want to publish an article on Netonomy.net, I have some key requirements:

  • make it smart
  • provide insights
  • don’t promote yourself. Promote your ideas

If it fits the bill, reach me at Mihai [.] Dragan [at] gmail [.] com.

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